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Join host Paul Shapiro as he talks with some of the leading start-up entrepreneurs and titans of industry alike using their businesses to help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Sep 15, 2019

For a lot of people, when they walk by someone who’s homeless, their inclination may be to look the other way. One day for Jasmine Crowe, however, she not only didn’t look the other way; she saw a profitable business opportunity in helping connect the hungry with perfectly good food the rest of us are throwing away.

Sound like a pipedream? Well, today many major food users, including the NFL, the Atlanta airport, and Netflix pay the startup Jasmine founded to take their unsold food and deliver it to the hungry. And it turns out, thanks to federal tax law, it’s profitable not only for Jasmine’s company, but for those corporations paying to have their unwanted food go to the homeless, too.

So far, Jasmine’s company Goodr has diverted more than two million pounds of food from landfills and into the stomachs of the homeless—all profitably. In this episode, we talk with Jasmine about her business model and how it’s helping the hungry while protecting the planet at the same time. 

Resources discussed in this episode: