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Join host Paul Shapiro as he talks with some of the leading start-up entrepreneurs and titans of industry alike using their businesses to help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Jan 15, 2021

You’ve heard the old adage: Humans plan, and God laughs.

That truism could nicely describe Irina Gerry’s life, which has been pretty remarkable so far. She started out growing up in communist Russia, but with fate helping to defy odds, Irina ended up coming to the US and attending Harvard Business School. She...

Jan 1, 2021

If you’re a regular listener of the show, you likely already know that reducing humanity’s reliance on animals for food is one of the most pressing challenges the world faces at this moment. But meat demand just keeps rising and we’re raising more animals for food today than ever before.

One thing keeping...

Dec 15, 2020

We may hear a lot about solar power and renewable energy, but sadly, our civilization is still voraciously addicted to fossil fuels. Even in a technologically advanced country like America, nearly all — about 90 percent — of the energy we use still comes from non-renewable sources. This not only causes serious...

Dec 1, 2020

Most start-ups fail. Many that don’t fail still don’t have spectacular results. Chris Bryson, however, defied the odds by founding and running a company that was so successful Instacart acquired it for a reported $65 million.

Rather than retiring to a tropical beach with regular daiquiri service, Chris charted...

Nov 15, 2020

Meat from a cow who’s eaten an entirely grass-based diet is typically called “grass-fed meat.” So when you’re making plant-based meat with wood as your feedstock, is it called “wood-fed meat”? 

No matter what you call it, Arbiom has raised about $30 million to produce it.

Arbiom CEO Marc Chevrel is taking...